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  • నాభీ-హృత్-కంఠ-రసా-నాసాదుల యందు శోభిల్లు సప్తస్వర -
  • మనసూ స్వాధీనమైన ఘనునికి మరిమంత్ర తంత్రము లేల -
  • సంగీత జ్ఞ్యానము భక్తివినా సన్మార్గము గలదే ఓ మనసా - త్యాగరాజస్వామి.
  • कला क्या है ? यह इंसान की रचनात्मक आत्मा की यथार्थ के पुकार के प्रति प्रतिक्रिया है. - रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर ||
  • आत्मा का संगीत ब्रह्माण्ड द्वारा सुना जा सकता है||संगीत दो आत्माओं के बीच के अनंत को भरता है. – रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर ||
  • నాదోపాసన చే శంకర, నారాయణ విదులు వెలసిరి ఓ మనసా - త్యాగరాజస్వామి.
  • ప్రాణా ఆనాలా సమ్యోగము వలన ప్రణవ నాదమే సప్తస్వరములై బరగే - త్యాగరాజస్వామి.
  • “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven
  • “We're deaf men working as musicians; we play the music but we can't hear it.” ― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby
  • “Music is my religion.” ― Jimi Hendrix
  • తను మనము లన్నియు నాదము, తనువున నరముల సవ్వడి నాదమయం, ఈ కాయమున ప్రవహించు ప్రతి ద్రవము నాదరసమేకదా.
  • Sa Shadja (षड्ज) six-born peacock mūlādhāra मूलाधार (base of spine) Ganapati
  • Re Rishabha (ऋषभ) bull Bull svādhiṣṭhāna स्वाधिष्ठान (genitals) Agn
  • Ga Gandhara (गान्धार) sky goat maṇipūra मणिपूर (solar plexus and navel) Rudra (Shiva)
  • Ma Madhyama (मध्यम) middle dove/heron anāhata अनाहत (heart) Vishnu
  • Pa Panchama (पञ्चम) fifth cuckoo/nightingale viśuddha विशुद्ध (throat) Naarada
  • Dha Dhaivata (धैवत) earth Horse ājñā आज्ञा (third eye) Sadasiva (Shiva as the unmanifest, precursor to creation)
  • Ni Nishadam (निषाद) hunter elephant sahasrāra सहस्रार (crown of the head) Surya (Sun)
  • vīṇāvādana tattvajñaḥ śrutijātiviśāradaḥ tālajñaścāprayāsena mokṣamārgaṃ niyacchati
  • కర్ణాటక సంగీతమనగా చెవిలోని కర్ణభేరికి వచ్చిచేరే ఇంపైన శబ్దముల సముదాయము.
  • All one's life is music, if one touches the notes right and in time. -John Ruskin.
  • किसी बच्चे की शिक्षा अपने ज्ञान तक सीमित मत रखिये, क्योंकि वह किसी और समय में पैदा हुआ है.
  • సమాచారం జ్ఞానం కాదు, జ్ఞానం వివేకం కాదు, వివేకం నిజం కాదు, నిజం సౌందర్యం కాదు, సంగీతం మాత్రమే నిజం.
  • Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.
  • ఎక్కడైతే మాటల్లో పదాలు మూగబోతాయో అక్కడే సంగీతం ప్రారంభమవుతుంది.
  • “ Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy ”- Ludwig van Beethoven
  • कला में व्यक्ति खुद को उजागर करता है कलाकृति को नहीं.
  • "నిశ్శబ్దం తరువాత, మాటల్లో చెప్పడానికి వీలుకాని వ్యక్తీకరణకు సమీపంలో సంగీతం ఉంది."
  • “The only escape from the miseries of life are music. and Music is the universal language of mankind.”
  • సంగీతం ఆత్మ యొక్క వెల్లడిలో ఉంది, సంగీతం మానవజాతి సార్వత్రిక భాష.
  • भरोसा करना सीखना जीवन के सबसे कठिन कार्यों में से एक है।
  • Love music, drink music, eat music think in music enjoy the music it is a grate magic- Parthasarathy
  • సంగీతం ఆత్మయొక్క భాష, రహస్యమైన బాధల్ని బహిర్గతంచేసి, జీవితంలో శాంతిని నింపుతుంది, కలహాల్నిరద్దుచేస్తుంది.
  • Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
  • నా అన్న మనుషులు ఎవరూ నాతో లేక పోయినా సంగీతం నా అంతరాత్మ గా నిలిచింది.
  • उच्चतम शिक्षा वो है जो हमें सिर्फ जानकारी ही नहीं देती बल्कि हमारे जीवन को समस्त अस्तित्व के साथ सद्भाव में लाती है.
  • “ The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • "क्योंकि यह लोगों को बदल सकते हैं संगीत दुनिया को बदल सकते हैं."
  • “Music can change the world because it can change people.”
  • Sound of music is physics, feel or expressive way is called chemistry,
  • laya or tala is maths, Breadth control, posture is meditation, singing lyric is literature.
  • Students of Amrutha Music Academy performing in the month of April in quartely music programme.
  • Welcome to join in our Academy we teach and send Governament Certificate and Diploma exams.
  • Music creates, improves and visualize your mind. We request all are welcome to join and learn music.
  • Online music and personal music classes for all age groups.
Up Coming Events

Quarterly Music program in the month of April by students of Amrutha Music Academy.


<p>One of the best Carnatic music voal Guru and concert artist in our Twin Cities&nbsp;is Mr N Ch Pardhasaradhi it is aplesure to join their daughters Chi Saarani and Amrutavarshini. I wish them all the succes in their future.&nbsp;</p>

K. Ramachry



BA music. sir enni samvastarala nundi music Guru kosam vetukutunnam. pls contact me


Music Lerner


Dear Sir Pardhasaradhi garu We are proud to associate with Sarani Music trust. We are very enjoiying your class the way you teaching. We will be with you always to promote the activities of the trust. Thanking you

Madhavi & Bhat

Sir, pardasaradigaru, this is d.s.k.sarma from vsp sir how will meet you this is is phone no.


I am very proud to be associate with its a grate service to the world or music. I personally thanking Sri Pardhasaradhi about his dedication towards his contribution.

Sujatha - Infosis

Namaskaram Sri Kolanka Venkataraju garu is known as great mridangist Bust he is good sculpture. In chikkadapally, Hyderbad sri tyagaraja swamy statue made by sri venkata raju garu.

srinivasa rao

Hello Guruji Namaskaaram, I am very happy to see the website and it is a grate job and educating in music. Like this nobody not doing any thing. As a member my daughter has become a student and associate with Saarani Muaic Educational Trust happy and proud to inform to my near and dear. I am also going to become a big donor for the cause of music to our Trust

PV Varadarajan IPS-Chennai

I was lucky to have Guru as wonderful as you are. Wishing you a Teachers Day that's full of joyous moments!

Yasaswi Nandavareek

The way you teach..The knowledge you share.. The care you take..The love you shower.. Makes you..The world's best teacher.. Happy Teacher's Day

Satya Yamini, Bhuvan Kruti

Dear Teacher, Thank You For Continually Inspires me to do my best You help me strive for goals, I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. And that person is you Happy Teacher's Day


Dear teacher, Thanks for supporting and enlightening all my way.If only I could have your blessing for a lifetime, I would succeed the way I have done always. Have a wonderful Teachers Day.

Damini & Mounima

Mr. Parthasarathy worked as a producer in our team i know him personally. I proud to say it is a grate honer to our organisation to have such a grate person in our team.

Associated Media Company.

Online tuition through live video chat devices is becoming a popular medium of learning Indian classical music and instruments in the Western world and beyond Many foreign students are either professional musicians in their own countries, or trying to establish themselves in the world of music and dance. An American says he is learning ragas "from Parthasarathy with a view to improvising and using it whenever I can in jazz. It'll give me an edge". Youthful Parthasarathy at his home town Hyderabad quickly established himself in classical singing. Today he is a leading online teacher of classical singing. He works alongside a group of teachers to impart training to eager students overseas. India once had a great tradition of disciples learning at the feet of their gurus. That tradition seems to have been revived - in virtual world - thanks to technology.

International Channel news

Dear Guruvugaaru Parthasarathi garu Namaskaram. Sir you are really grate sir. Your website is very informative and excellent. As a music director i proudly announce you are my one of guru. I wish you all the best and hope you will bring many students like me.

Gantadi Krishna- Music Director

Dear Parthasarathy You are doing a grate job. As a colleague in music teacher training course i learn so many raga's and many things about music. I support you and i wish you all the best to your trust worthy job. As a music director i am proud to announce that you are one of my best friend.

KM Radhakrishnan-Music Director

ఈ గురు పౌర్ణమి మీవంటి గురువులకి సుభాన్ని చేకూర్చి ఆనందాన్ని ఐశ్వర్యాన్ని ఇచ్చి మరింత మంది శిష్యులను తయారు చెయతానికి శక్తిని కలిగించాలని, ఎంతోమంది మీ ఆశీర్వాదాన్ని పొందాలని కోరుతూ మీ

Sahiti, Yasaswi, Ganesh etc.

This is a very good Website that all kinds music related people information is available hear. I appreciate Mr.Partha sarathy is doing a grate service to the world of Telugu music people. I wish you all the best to the team and i am proud to announce Mr.Partha Sarathy will be honored greatly.


మీరు సంగీత లోకానికి గర్వకారణం. కళారంగం లోనివారందరికీ ఆదర్శం, నిజమైన గురువు ఏమి ఆశించడని, అది మీరూపంగా తలుస్తూ మీ ఈ సేవ ప్రపంచ వ్యాప్తి కావలని కొరుతూ...........

Siva Prasad - Chirala

Dear friends, Mr.Parthasarathy N Ch famous guru. He is a grate performer and scholarly musician. His style of training is extraordinary in each and every aspect. He is providing free music training classes through Saarani Music Educational Trust. The classes are conducting at Vijaypuri Bhavan, Behind Reliance Petrol Bunk, Vijaypuri Colony, Kothapet, Hyderabad. Please send your children they will improve singing as well as many other useful aspects.

Sri K. Ramachary (LMA)

This Site is very informative and good for music students. People can add your testimonials and give kind suggestions to us.

Paramita - Student

అనేకమంది విద్యార్థులకు సంగీతాన్ని ఇలా చేరువ చేయడం మీవంటి వారికే సాధ్యం ఎందుకంటే భగవంతుడు ఆసించకుండా సేవచెసే మనసు ఇచ్చాడు. మీ సారణి సంగీతవిద్యా మరియు సేవాసంస్థ మరింత అభివృద్ధిచెంది అనేకమంది విద్యార్థులకు సంగీత అక్షయపాత్రకావాలని ఆశిస్థూ మీ కార్యక్రామాలకి నావంతు సహకారం ఎప్పుడూ వుంటుందని తెలుపుతూ.

రామక్రిష్ణ దేవరకొ

Guru Vakyam Mantra moolam guru vakyam it is said. This means the words of the Guru are to be taken as sacred mantra. Partha Sarathy was one of the most progressive and liberal minded Gurus that one could have the good fortune to meet. He had the unique ability of being able to convey the most profound philosophical concepts thru simple and everyday parables and examples. This series will attempt to reproduce some of Partha sarathy's own words and sayings on various matters regarding Music with meditation, spirituality, bhakti and sadhna, etc..

Akkiraju Vijayalakshmi

सरीमाना पार्था सारथ्य जी आप सारानी म्युज़िक ट्रस्ट से बहुथ अच्चा काम करराहा है | उचिता संगीत सिक्षना करना आज कल बहुथ मुश्कील है | मै तो आप का वेबसैट देखी ती | मै आपका ट्रस्ट को नाम पे चेक भेजा | भविस्यमे हमारा संपूर्ण सहकार ,सहायता आपके साथ है ||

सुनन्दा सेखर - न्यू

I appreciate your non-profit music education trust. encourage them and expose them to more music and greatly admire your efforts to provide music programs to children at your trust.

Sandeep Narayan

Dear Sri Parthasarathy guruji We are aware of doing the service of the SAARANI music trust. We are there with you and happy to give our full support to the activities of the trust. Not only an artist you have proved yourself as grate teacher, guru, performer, orator in music.


అద్భుతంగా కచేరీ చేయటంతో పాటు, సంగీతాన్ని ఉచితంగా నేర్పించి శిష్యులను తయారు చేయటం లో N.C.పార్థసారథి వారధి లాగా పనిచేస్తున్న అతనికి మంచి భవిష్యత్తు కలిగి ఈ సేవ ద్వార మరింత మంచి పేరురావాలని ఆకాంక్షిస్తూ....

Sugnan - Vignanasamiti

గురువుగారు నమస్కారం మీ దయవల్ల నేను సర్టిఫికెట్ పరీక్షలో ప్రధమశ్రేణి లో పాస్అయ్యాను. ఇప్పుదు నేను US Pittsburgh లొ వుంటున్నా మీ వెబ్సైట్ చూసాను.'సారణీ' నాలాంటి సంగీత విద్యార్ధులైన మరింతమందికి నిలయమవ్వాలని కోరుతూ....

దీప్తి బోయిన

నమస్కారం పార్థసారథి గారు ఎంతోమంది ఎక్కువగా ఫీజు తీసుకుంటున్న ఈ రోజుల్లో మీరు చేస్తున్న ఈ సంగీత సేవ ముఖ్యంగా శాస్త్రీయ సంగీతానికి అద్వితీయమై అనిర్వచనీయమై అందరికీ మార్గదర్సకమవాలని అభిలాషిస్తూ మీ వెన్నంటి వుంటామని ప్రొత్సహిస్తూ....

జి.రాఘవేంద్రరావ్ -

"SAARANI"cultural trust has been formed with an aim to promote Indian classical music and dance amongst youth. The organization has been started in 2010 and has since then teaching free music training and conducting several programs including music competitions, Thyagaraja aradhana festival and so on. We welcome your contribution for the cause. The profound objectives of “SAARANI” can be transformed into a beautiful reality only with your whole heated participation co-operation and support. Kindly strengthen our hands by contributing towards the corpus.

Member of the Trust.

దైవమైన చూపలేడు మంచి గురువుని - మంచి గురువైతే చూపగలడు దేవదేవుని - గురుబ్రహ్మః గురువిష్ణుః గురుదేవో మహేశ్వరః అన్నట్లు మీ ఈ సేవ ప్రపంచ వ్యాప్తము కావాలని ఆశిస్తూ,ఆశీర్వదిస్తూ....

సూరిబాబు, విజయవాడ

మా గురువుగారి తమ్ముడి కుమారుడు, నా బంధువైన నల్లాన్ చక్రవర్తుల పార్థసారథి చేస్తున్న ఈ సేవ తెలుగు సంగీతలోకానికే మైలురాయికావాలని ఆశిస్తూ, ఆశిర్వదిస్తూ... మరింతమంది తెలుగువారు అతనికి హార్థికంగా, ఆర్థికంగా ప్రొత్సాహాన్ని ఇవ్వగలరని కోరుతూ......


Dear Parthasarathy, This is a very good site. Somebody referred this to me and to my astonishment, this is designed with the aim of upholding the dignity of music. Long live this site and your service.

Modudi Sudhaker

This class is very interesting and me as a daughter of Parthasarathi, sir i am feeling very happy I am not feeling like a daughter but as a student I am learning so-many useful things for my singing and SMET is my favorite place ever i visited so I as a student i am very fortunate SWARA... SAARANI..

Saarani N.C

Respected Parthasarathy sir, We, as parents of Bhavana feel that it is our lucky to step into SMET. We thank u for giving an opportunity to Bhavana to be a part of this prestigious academy.


Dear Parthasarathy garu, It is indeed a great achievement for us released an Audio C.D. "Bhagavata Geyamaalika" with your melodious voice and all your support and guidance. It is all happened because of your blessings, hope you would extend the same co-operation in future also. We wish you all success for a grate service to world of music. Thanks once again

JBT Sundari-Vijag

Respected Parthasarathy sir, We, as parents of Sreeja feel that it is our poorva janma sukrutham to step into SMET.We thank u for giving an opportunity to Sreeja to be a part of this prestigious academy.


Dear Parthasarathy Sir, The INSPIRATION program was really a good delight to eyes and ears. Children got motivated as well as parents. We all were overwhelmed with joy to be a part of it as SMET members. Parents are lucky to be blessed with a marvellous & wonderful kids. We thank u very much sir for giving us such kind of opportunities.

Harini Paidipalli

Dear Parthasarathy garu, The INSPIRATION programme was really a good delight to eyes and ears. Children got motivated as well as parents. We all were overwhelmed with joy to be a part of it as SAARANI members. ADITYA's parents are lucky to be blessed with a marvelous & wonderful kid. we thank u very much sir for giving us opportunity to have a glimpse of good & well brought up child who inspired lots and lots of people. MAY GOD BLESS him in his future endeavors

- Jaya Ramanath

My beloved Student Chi Parthasarathy is doing a grate service to the world of Music. I wish him all the best and success. Kindly come and support all musicians and music lovers.

Sri D.Sehachary - Hyd-Bros.

డియర్ ఫార్థసారథి గారు మీరు చేస్తున్న ఈ కళాసేవ అద్భుతం అనిర్వచనీయం, నాకు సంగీతం అంటే ప్రాణం, ఇంకా మరెందరో గాయనీ గాయకులను తీర్చిదిద్దాలని అశిస్తూ.....

Ravi Pendekanti

Hi everybody, I would like to share my feelings with all of you. Recently we attended my nephew's marriage. In that function," when the bride's parents are sending their daughter to bridegroom's house", Chy.Manaswini sang "AMMA DONGA NINNU CHOODAKUNTE....." song. She sang very nicely and we are very happy that u are doing a grate service to the world of music

Prabhaker - USA

Manda Sudharani (1964 - 0000)
Manda Sudharani (1964 - 0000)

Manda Sudharani born in 1964 to Sri A V Ramana Murty and Smt. Kalyani and Married to Dr.Rama Prasad in 1989. B.Sc. from M R College, VIZIANAGARAM in 1983. Diploma in Music from Andhra University with Distinction & 1st position in 1984. M.A.(Music) from Andhra University with 1st position in 1993. TUTELAGE Sri K Rangacharyulu and Smt. Seshumani imparted the early lessons to SudhaRani. However, her performing abilities and pervading music values have been crystallised by Sri IVATURI VIJAYESWARA RAO, himself a worthy disciple of the great music savant, Sri Dwaram Narasinga Rao Naidu of VIZIANAGARAM. Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao SPECIALISATION ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTION a) Significant Work in the field of ‘Pallavi Singing’Sudha Rani is the person to popularize pallavis of all varieties since 1980s and brought gravity to the format of the concert in these areas. She rendered the archaic music feat of ‘Shat Kaala Pallavi’ Pallavi in 6 speeds. Gave the The 1st Public Performance of the same in Maharajah’s Government Music College, Vizianagaram in 1987.  It was also performed in reputed Sabhas like Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (Chennai), Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat (Bangalore), Visakha Music Academy (Visakhapatnam) and won the accolade & appreciation of Vidwans. ‘Shat Kaala Pallavi’ is archived by All India Radio, Vijayawada. b) Sudharani is well known for her unique pallavi's which are known for their laya soukhyam  and aesthetic appeal some of them are :     1. Triraaga Pallavi- Kedaragoula-Kedara-Goula.     2. Bhairavi Malika-(Nata-Ananda-Saalaga-Sindhu Bhairavis).     3. Maa Mayuranaadha – Dwinada (Trisra and Chaturasra) in Bilahari     4. Khanda Chaturasram –  Showing Taala in Khanda Nada & singing a Varnam in 2 speeds in Chaturasra Nada – a feat in Laya to adjust 4 & 8 swaras per 5 Taala syllables.     5. Panchanada Pallavi in a special format in which 4,3,5,7,9 swaras are sung in that order per each beat containing 4 Taala syllables.     6. Sankeerna Gati Pallavi in Sankaraabharanam and Kalyani. c) Taala Avadhaanaas :  Presenting two different Taalas with both hands simultaneously, she sang  a Pallavi for Sangita Kala Samithi, Visakhapatnam in 1995. d) Workshops, Seminars, Lecture Demonstrations etc.,      WORKSHOP on ‘Tyaagaraaja’s Utsava Sampradaaya’ & ‘Divya Naama Keertanaas’ in       Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on 30.03.2009. SEMINAR on ‘SHAT KAALA PALLAVI’ in Telugu University, Hyderabad.           LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS on the ‘Uniqueness of the Compositions of                                  Syama Sastry & Muttu Swami Dikshitaar’ under the aegis of                                     Sri Tyaaga Raaja Aaraadhana Trust, Visakhapatnam.          Presented a PAPER on ‘Syaama Sastry’s SWARAJATIS’ in a National Conference on Music, in Andhra University in 2000. e) Articles -   Sudha Rani wrote an exhaustive treatise on ‘Kalpita Sangeetam as the basis of Manodharma angeetam’.  She submitted it to the Ministry of HRD & Dept. of Culture, Government Of India and was awarded a fellowship for the same. f) Significant Work in All INDIA RADIO Conducted ‘Sangeeta Sikshana’ a number of times. Composed and conducted ‘Bhakti Ranjani’ (2009). Sudha Rani was invited as Judge for Local Audition as well as Local Competitions conducted by AIR Studios, Visakhapatnam. g) Concert Format - Her concert is a combination of popular major Raagas & rare Raagas, Raagas with lot of bhaava-oriented gamakas & Raagas with flat notes with utmost sharpness. Her Swara Kalpana in Vakra Raagas like Malavi, adanakutuhalam, Chenchukambhoji brought her reputation and respect. Many senior vidwans acknowledged that Sudha Rani’s music inspired contemporary musicians. PROWESS Won Radio Music Competitions in 1980 and became a Casual Artist for AIR. Soared to ‘TOP RANK’ in 2009. Sings regularly from All India Radio, Visakhapatnam. Performed in Radio Sangeet Sammelan in 1994 & 2002. Performed in AIR National Programme in 1999, 2006 & in 2008 (Trinity Music Festival. Won a spate of music competitions conducted by Sabhas in Andhra & Madras. Gave performances for the Sabhas in Andhra, Madras, Bangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and  M .P, time and again. Received Junior Fellowship from Dept. of Culture & Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Performed on 20.01.1990 in the Festival of Music & Dance organised by ICCR & Sangeeta Natak Academy, New Delhi featuring young artists from all over India. Performed under the aegis of ‘SPIC MACAY’ many times. TITLES CONFERRED `Gana Kalaa Bhaarathi’ by Sri Bhaaarathi Gaaana Sabha of Amaaapuram (2000) ‘Vijaya Sangeeta Ratna’  by The Vijayanagar Fine Arts, HYD (2006) ‘Sunaada Sudha Nidhi’ by Gayaka Sarvabhouma Sangeetha Parishat, VIZIAWADA (2008) ‘Sangeetha Sudhaa Nidhi’ by Vijaya Tyagaraja Sabha ,Visakhapatnam (2009). Sudharani along with her daughter performingHer daughter Kum. Prathyusha Sruthi Ravali is also a budding artist. She is a voco violinist. To listen to the concert of both Sudharani & her daughter, click here Youtube - Manda Sudharani & Sruthi Ravali - Kannda Swarakalpana - Ninnadanela FELICITATIONS 1986 - By Vijaya Tyaagaraaja Sangeeta Sabha of Visakhapatnam  through Durvasula hagavanlu  Memorial Gold Medal. 1987 - By Sruthi Foundation of New Delhi. 1994 - By Visakha Music Academy of Visakhapatnam. 2003 - By Vedic Seva Trust of Visakhapatnam. 2010 – By Vijaya Tyaagaraaja Sangeeta Sabha of Visakhapatnam. 2010 – By Visakha Music and Dance Academy of Visakhapatnam. 2010 – By Gayatri Mahila Sangeeta Sanmandali of Guntur. AWARDS Sudha Rani received: Cultural Talent Search Scheme Award by the Govt. of India. (1977 – 1983) Scholarship for Young workers in various Cultural fields by Govt. of India. (1984-87) Award for Pallavi-Singing from Madras Music Academy (1982).                                Award for Pallavi-Singing from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai (1985).                Concert Awards of Madras Music Academy (1987 & 1992).                                       Voleti Venkateswarlu Memorial Award by Visakha Music Academy (1992). Concerts Abroad (USA) Cleveland : Tyagaraja Aaradhanotsavam conducted by ‘Bhairavi Fine Arts (2006) Her concert there was well appreciated by maestros & noted musicians like Sri Umayaalpuram Sivaraaman, Vellore Ramabhadran, Aruna Sairam, Ravikiran, etc. California : South Indian Fine Arts (SIFA) & Silicon Andhra. Chicago : Sri Annamaachaarya Project of North America(SAPNA)                                     Her extempore rendition of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Karaavalambana Stotram in Raaga Maalika was well received. She performed at other places like Detroit, Raleigh, Kansas City, Columbus, Seattle and so on. Cassettes & CDs Prahlaada Bhakti Vijayam (MP 3 CD) – Tyagaraja’s musical opera containing 40 Kirtanas tuned, sung& conducted by her. Srimat Sundara Kaanda (MP 3 CD) – Entire text from Vaalmiki Raamaayana is tuned & rendered along with Pantula Rama Sampradaaya Sangeeta Sudha – (Audio & Video CDs) – A series of CDs of classical music rendered by MANDA SUDHA RANI. Sri Rama Tarangaas – (Cassettes & CDs) – Verses by Late Sri Kandala Venkata Kavi on Lord Rama are tuned & sung by her. Sudharani receiving Award from "Sangeeta Kala Nidhi" Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthy Kritis of Dwaram Venkata Krishniah Naidu (Audio CD) Sudha Rani rendered kirtanas of Late Sri Dwaram Venkata Krishnayya Naidu & the CD was released by ‘Sangeeta Kalanidhi’ Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murty in the Centenary Celebrations of Late Sri Dwaram Narasingarao Naidu in Nov. 2008. ‘Carnatic Vocal’ is an Audio CD she rendered for ‘GURUKRUPA’ of Bangalore. -----------------------------------

V.Kamalakar Rao ( 1936 - 0000)
ద్వారం భావనారాయణ రావు (1924 - 2000)
Pillavalu Gajapathi Krishnaveni (1935-2004)
Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao (1938-0000)
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Hyderabad Sisters ( Kum.Lalita & Smt. Haripriya)
మల్లాది వెంకట సత్యనారాయణ రావు -(1932 –1996)
Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu(1883-1951)
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పంతుల రమ
S. Janaki ( 1938 - 0000)
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Pithapuram Nageswara Rao (1930 - 1996)
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Nedunuri Krishnamurthy (1927-2014 )
రావు బాలసరస్వతీ దేవి.(1928-0000)
Kollegal R Subramanyan ( 1929-0000)
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